Affliction by River Savage

Ever since I finished reading Incandescent, I have been patiently (not) waiting for Sy and Holly’s story. I had my suspicions that there were more back-stories to Sy and his cranky, broody ways. The PROLOGUE had me in tears, yes tears people. As a parent that went through that (not giving up any spoilers) it tore my heart out to read it. River totally nailed it!!! I loved how Holly slowly pulled Sy from his darkness into the ‘Sunshine’.

Their trip was definitely a roller coaster ride of emotions that I am still on a few days after finishing the book. What Holly went through and put herself through was horrible and emotional and the writing was amazing to make you feel like you were going through it at that same moment.

The flashback dreams were so ‘real’ that you cried, sweat and shook right along with Sy. I loved how Keira told Sy that he needed to take care of her ‘sibling’ (no spoiler), and Sy knew that he would be ok from then on.

From the laughs to the cries, this book was filled with every emotion you can think possible.

River Savage has a #1 on her hands with this Amazing Read!!!  I cannot wait to read Jesse’s story!

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