Against Her Will (A Mystery Suspense Novel) by Peter Martin

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

I am finding it very hard to write this review. This book was difficult to read, not because it was written poorly, but because the subject was hard. Rape is a difficult subject to face for anyone, the writer did a great job of describing the aftermath of what Donna goes through. I’m sure lots of victims go through the same life turmoil of never wanting to go out in public, or feeling as though the rest of the world is looking at them as they did something wrong. I loved how she developed the friendships with Evan and his family. It was only that this part dragged on for way to much of the book that bothered me. When she finally realizes that she can move on, the book zooms into hyper speed and then it is over. It seemed very rushed at the end.

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