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For June Bailey, life is all about meeting outlandish requests for her billionaire boss which includes keeping an eye on the woman’s artsy, nomad nephew, Tucker Frost. June highly underestimates how difficult spending time with Tucker will be. Between his good looks, irresistible charm, and a way of helping her see the beauty beyond her check-list life style, she begins to lose herself in more than just his artwork. However, when the time comes for the wanderer to drift away once more, will their love be forced to comply with traditional goodbyes or will it be allowed to exist in freeform?



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Freeform is my first reading adventure into Xavier Neal’s work. I have to say that the writing is wonderful. I love the characters and how they interact. The way you get thoughts in their heads and how they are talking to you make it seem like you are in their heads.

June and Tucker are two lost souls not looking to fall in love, both on their own paths. They are literally thrown together by Tucker’s aunt and the inevitable happens, even with them fighting it every step of the way.

This was a very cute love story, I cannot wait to read some more by Xavier Neal!




Xavier Neal is an up and coming Author and Blogger. She lives in Texas where she spends her time getting lost in writing and reading. She loves Tex-mex, fandoms, and laughing. Feel free to spend her a message any time!


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