Danger and Desire: Ten Full-Length Steamy Romantic Suspense Novels

When I purchased this set, I had already read 2 of the books, Katie’s and Kaylea’s. I wasn’t expecting much because most sets, especially $0.99, give you novellas and firsts in a series. MAN was I WRONG!!! I now have 8 new favorite authors to add to my list. Each book was a full on suck you in and keep you there until you finished. There were nights that I couldn’t put my kindle down until I was finished with that book. Some of the books made me cry, some made me laugh and all were action packed. Totally worth the 99 pennies!!

Includes stories from:
Katie Reus
Kaylea Cross
Diana Love
Pamela Clare
Misty Evans 
VK Sykes
Norah Wilson
Carolyn Crane
Amber Lin
Dee J Adams

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