Fan Girl Focus – Kendall Grey

So, each of us has those authors that we totally fan-girl over.  One of mine is Kendall Grey.  The Hard Rock Harlots is one of my all time fave series.  I wrote a review of another of her books (Hot-Blooded totally kicks ass, go read it!) and completely lost my shit when she quoted my review in a Facebook post.  Seriously.  I screencapped the shit out of it and once I changed my pants <wink>, I posted the squee-worthy moment to my own FB.  Don’t believe me?

I’m not quite sure how I am going to keep from ending up a drooling incoherent mess when I actually share air with KG in the spring.  If I can speak at all, I’m picturing a scene like the Saturday Night Live sketch with Chris Farley and Paul McCartney.
Now that I’ve created this meme, it will no doubt run through my head when I meet KG.

I have never been to an author event – I will be attending my first in early 2015, where another few Fan Girl Faves (and possible future post subjects) will be in attendance. Fellow ECBC Patti and I are going to try to keep each other’s Fan Girl reactions in check.  Maybe by the time that weekend is over, I’ll be able to act relatively normal in mixed company (fingers crossed) so that I won’t be the recipient of a restraining order from KG come May (fingers AND toes crossed). 

I’m not sure how Patti is with “celebrity” encounters, but I have a history of falling completely silent and staring slack-jawed while trying not to blatantly stare.  

Or turning into Captain Obvious, usually by telling the famous person “hey, you’re (famous person’s name)”, y’know, just in case they weren’t sure.  

The last person I did that to was an NFL football player who very graciously smiled, and said “Yes, I am” before putting his finger to his lips – I’m assuming it was to keep his presence a secret, but in hindsight, I suppose it could’ve been that he wanted to hush my crazy.

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