Hunter Reborn by Katie Reus

Another great read from Katie Reus.  Never let down when her name is on the by line.  In this the 5th book of the Moon Shifter series, we finally get the goods on the sexy as hell Aiden.  As the pack heads out to find the source of the vampire blood trafficking, Aiden is thrust back into the feelings of the bond-mate he lost 60 years ago.  When he realizes that she has no memory of him except for that she was told he eliminated her family, he needs to prove that his love and their bond will survive all.

Larissa was awakened by a not so ‘good’ witch after being in stasis for 60 years to a world that is totally unlike the one she remembers, from cell phones, to clothes and the way people act around her.  She is to put it mildly in shock and in fear of being with Aiden even though she feels the bond and knows that she should trust him, she does not remember him.
Throughout the story, memories are revealed, darkness is brought upon the pack and the couple as the evil behind the death of Larissa’s parents and the reason she is really awakened is revealed.  My favorite parts are the weird blood drinking crap, but hey that is why I love Katie, she gets me! (that part in the cave under the house was the best) LOL 

We also get a glimpse into Ryan and Theresa’s story, which I am hoping in the next editions we get the full scoop.  This book, like the rest kept me turning the pages with eagerness to find out what will happen next and if Aiden and Larissa will make it to their Happy Ever After!…. You will have to read it to find out!

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