Ward is desperate to escape her soul-sucking life. Between catering to the work
demands of her ambitious father, a popular Washington senator, and extricating
herself from her abusive ex-boyfriend, Ryan yearns for the life of which she
once dreamed: that of a country singer/songwriter. But how does one of
Washington’s elite shed the slimy skin of politics for cowboy boots and a
Taylor six-string? And can she do it incognito?
McCall traded money for passion when he left his high six-figure income for a
Texas ranch to indulge in his love of the land and, more importantly, his
autistic young daughter. With an intractable ex-wife and ranch demands beating
him down, the last thing Slade needs in his life is a troubled woman with a
fading black eye, the voice of an angel, and a dubious past. But when need
outweighs common sense, he hires the would-be country singer for a short stint
of housework at the ranch.
and Slade know tangling their hearts is a bad idea—she has a past to escape and
a dream to pursue, and he has a ranch to build and a daughter to protect. But
they can’t deny their desires or their hearts, and as their love strengthens it
is put to the test. Someone is intent on physical harm, and Slade’s ex is
determined to reconcile. Will the pressures destroy what Ryan and Slade have
started to build? Or will they follow the sounds . . . of their Heartstrings .
. .
ecbc review

What a great story of finding love again and having someone show you how it feels to be really loved and treasured for who you are.

Ryan meets Slade at a bar called Lucifer’s where she’s been singing all week. She had left home after her boyfriend hit her and her dad is too busy with his political career and her mom left years ago when she was young. Ryan gets tangled up with a guy named Cutter who then pretty much tries to kill her when Slade steps in and saves her life.

Slade takes Ryan in after losing her job at Lucifer’s and the sparks just fly between them but he’s cautious, he has his daughter Ivy to worry about but the relationship Ivy form with Ryan right from the start has Slade falling for her hard and fast. When Ivy’s mom Lisa decides to show up unannounced she is jealous of the relationship Ryan has with Ivy and wants Slade back, will she succeed in winning Slade back or will Ryan win his heart for good.

This was a well written story about two souls finding love but not without complications! Beautifully done by Author Casey Hagen 5 swooning hearts for this book, hurry and pick up your copy today!


Casey Hagen is a contemporary romance author with two books
available, Falling in Fiji and Sunset at Lake Crane. Coming soon is Consumed by
the Dare, a novella, as part of Carly Phillips’ Dare to Love Kindle World. She
writes her stories from the dense, green wilderness of the Delaware National
Forest, Middle of Nowhere, Pennsylvania. She’s a born and raised Vermont native
with Ben & Jerry’s in her heart and real Vermont maple syrup pumping
through her veins.
Over the years, Casey has dabbled in a wide variety of
professions. She worked in the States Attorney’s office, created beautiful
works of art as a florist, slaved to the public in retail, taught preschool
(and potty trained eleven two-year-olds at the same time), and finally, she
owned and operated her own residential cleaning business for over a decade.
She’s an active member of Romance Writers of America, New Jersey Romance
Writers, and the Penn Jersey Women Writers Guild. She’s also the newly
appointed Vice President of the Penn Jersey Women Writers Guild and the 2016
Conference Chair for New Jersey Romance Writers.
Casey is the proud mother of three girls, two of which are
successful college students…yay! She resides with her youngest daughter,
husband, and two cats. Her days are spent in her new office that she proudly
admits they would need dynamite to blast her out of! When she’s not working she
can be found chasing after her youngest with a camera (much to her youngest
daughter’s embarrassment) or on the golf course with her real life hero!

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