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They say crime doesn’t pay . . . but what if it’s done in the name of love? Being left behind by my boyfriend and getting arrested wasn’t part of the plan. Neither was becoming a test subject for a mad scientist, a crash landing in the prison spaceship and then struggling to survive in a deadly alien jungle.

I could have paid with my life, instead, I was given two incredible reasons to love again and this time the thing I need to do is to hold on to them.
Love condemned me, now it’s the only thing left that can save everything I hold dear.
Simply enduring is no longer enough.
I want to truly live.

The Valos of Sonhadra series is the shared vision of nine sci-fi and fantasy romance authors. Each book is a standalone, containing its own Happy Ever After, and can be read in any order.

Warning: Enduring is a FMM Sci-Fi romance that contains sexual situations and graphic descriptions of intimacy. Intended for mature readers.


By Nancy

After her prison, the Concord, crashes on an unknown planet, Zoya escapes her medical pod and runs through a jungle to get as far away from the dreaded ship as possible. Her body is suffering from thirst and she’s sick from repeated surgeries and constant drugs. And what do you know, Zoya runs headlong into danger. She figures dying and darkness are better than living with the pain. But fate has another twist for her. A stone figure steps forth from some rocks and saves Zoya.

Meet Qlraensukx, appropriately nicknamed “Rock,” and Vlunn, his partner. They are the last of the Stone Valos who live in Corfoha, The Stone City. Stone Valos absorb water from the air through their skin and only eat meat. Rock found Zoya and together with Vlunn, they stumble through nursing her back to life. Will Zoya be Rock or Vlunn’s mate? Or will she somehow choose both of them? They’re running out of time, but Zoya doesn’t know it.

Enduring is book 8 of the Valos of Sonhadra Series and can be read alone. I have to say that I thought this story was quite unique and enjoyed Marina Simcoe’s world building. There’s some steamy passionate moments, too. This isn’t your typical Reverse Harem genre book. Rock and Vlunn already have a relationship. It is more like they fold Zoya into their bond. Just like Zoya, you’ll fall in love with Rock and Vlunn.

After reading this book I feel like Zoya would say this:
“When your life moves from darkness and pain and into the light, only then do you truly begin to live!”

5 BIG stars for Enduring by Marina Simcoe!


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