Review – The Job Volume 2 by Dawn Robertson


Madeline Alexander is back!  When we left off in Volume 1, Maddie had just been blackmailed into accepting a job with Joseph Roberts.  Volume 2 picks right up with Maddie hesitantly about to celebrate her new job with Brian.

Dawn packs a LOT into this volume.  We learn more about Brian’s “preferences”, check in with Maddie’s friend, Cindy, and get an appearance or two from Maddie’s ex, Drew.  Not to mention that we get quite a bit of info on Joseph…probably more than we ever saw coming.  I’m still worried about him causing problems, though.

I have to give Dawn props for not taking the story in the way that I expected.  It is not a reflection on her writing, but I figured the blackmail situation would be dragged out and become a huge issue between Maddie and Brian, soap opera style.  It was a nice surprise when it went in a different direction.  And again with the cliffhanger!!  I did not see that plot twist coming.  Volume 3 cannot come soon enough.


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