Review – The Job Volume One by Dawn Robertson


Madeline is newly divorced and faced with having to re-enter the work force after spending a number of years as a stay at home mom.  One of her job resources is Craig’s List.  A curious peek at the personals combined with an article entitled “How I Became a Craigslist Hooker” and Maddie is ready to take a walk on the wild side.  But she ends up getting much more than she bargained for – the good, the bad and the ugly. 


Dawn Robertson has a writing style that draws you in from the get-go, and The Job is no exception.  You feel for Maddie and the situation she’s in – she’s extremely likable, even when she’s being so naive you might want to smack her.  As for Brian – well, I will take that hottie-tottie dirty Prince Charming/Jekyll and Hyde any day of the week!
I am instant-gratification girl, so I normally do not read serials or things of the like until all the pieces are available and I can get the full story.  But Dawn is one of my faves, and we were lucky enough to get an advanced copy of the book so I read it.  Now I am a mixture of happy because I really enjoyed it and mad as hell because it’s not done and I have to wait for the next pieces!  Volume One wasn’t so much of a cliffhanger as it was a JAWDROPPER….so I’m feeling extra impatient for Volume Two.

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There aren’t buy links for this yet, but be sure to follow Dawn on Facebook so you can get the most up-to date information on The Job and all her future work.  In the meantime, add it to your Goodreads TBR and check out the playlist Dawn has on Spotify for Volume One.

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