Review – The Quest for Perkins Vale by L.B. Dunbar

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This is the third book in the Legendary Rock Stars series, featuring Perkins the drummer. The story picks up where we left off with Lansing, at the death of Arturo King. Perkins finally finds the girl that he fell in love with all those years ago in the woods. His quest is on.

He believes that she will love him the same way he has loved her for all of the years since the last time he saw her. Only he doesn’t know the torturous life that she has lived through. She was kidnapped and forced to do things that young girls should never be exposed to. She was trusting to a priest that was not looking out for her best interests. She was broken and damaged and didn’t remember Perkins and his promise to come back for her.

He promised to come back for her and that is what he has been trying to do for the past 14 years. He finally has her and he will not let her go this time. His mission is to make her remember him, make her see that she is worthy of his love, make her see that she is not broken.

This story was heartbreaking and exuberant in one breath. I cried and laughed and got angry. As this story runs parallel to Lansing’s story, you should really have read the first two in the series to have an understanding of the plot. LB Dunbar has a major hit on her hands with these Rock Stars!!

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