Wicked Need (The Wicked Horse Series Book #3)
Sawyer Bennett
Release Date: April 19, 2016


Goodreads Link: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/28383820-wicked-need

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Patti’s Review

What can I say; Sawyer Bennett blows me away again. This is the third book in the Wicked series, but can certainly be read as a stand-alone. This book focuses on Rand, one of the fantasy makers at the Silo, the secret Sex club that is housed behind the Wicked Horse. His job is to make the fantasies of the patrons come true and boy does he do a wonderful job!!!

Cat is the wife of a rich, self-centered, Jacka**! He abuses, uses and does unmentionable things to Cat, until the day he dies. Then she has nothing. She is right back to where she started in life alone with noting to her name except the clothes in her trunk of the very expensive car the she is sleeping in.

Rand’s white knight comes out and their friendship blossoms. Can they find happiness? Can Cat find her inner strength and move beyond her insecurities? There are so many ifs and twists that you will be on the edge of your seat throughout this entire book. You will not put this down until you get to the end.

This book is getting 5 Solid Stars!! I cannot wait for book 4! Every word that Sawyer puts on a page is magic!!

Sharon’s Review

Catherine came from a father who left her, a mother who just didn’t care about her. She meets and then marries Samuel an old rich man. She’s finally safe or so she thinks then Samuel starts basically pimping her out to his friends, even his own son Kevin all while he watches. He gives her a membership to a sex club called The Silo, Samuel repeatedly watches as she is debased by multiple members. When he dies she’s finally free she attends The Silo and has fun because it’s on her terms, and she’s been supposedly left nothing in the will and made to leave the house.

When Rand leaves work at The Silo he sees Catherine’s car, he goes to it and she’s asleep in it, what the heck? As the good guy that he is he listens as Cat tells him she has nothing, Samuel left her nothing but the car and the clothes and jewelry. He takes her in, he had been part of a sexual scene with her at the club but this won’t be about sex though she tries to use it to pay him back. The relationship that forms between these two is so hot off the charts! There is so much more to their story but you have to read it yourself!

Sawyer Bennett once again rocks it, this girl can write a story on any subject she’s that good! I highly recommend this book and I have to give it 5 bright shiny stars! This is a must read! Enjoy it!




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