Statistic by Dawn Robertson


In honor of #StatisticSaturday here is a pre-blog review from August.

Did not see that ending coming. Wow. Curious to see what the next story holds. I think Dawn did a good job diverting your suspicions among the different men in Aurora’s life. You think you figure it out, then something else will change your mind. Then you think it is solved, and that last page puts a new twist on the story.

My only complaint, and its more a pet peeve of mine so I don’t know that it would bother others, is that there were a lot of errors, to the point that I found it distracting by the time I was 2/3 of the way through the story. Improper or lack of punctuation, quotation marks missing, strange sentence fragments (may just be from the punctuation issue), spelling. Even down to Jackson’s name. Jackson introduces himself to Liam as “Jackson Drew Revere”. Every time his full name is used after that (2 or 3 more times), he is “Jackson Avery Revere”. Avery was Liam’s middle name during that introduction scene. That stuck with me, but it may not be an issue for another reader.

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